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Should i Mine Ethereum still in 2018? Short Answer is yes.

Author: Reynaldo Gonzalez 1/31/2018

How Many Mining Rigs Do You Have? If the answer is 0... Let ME Explain Please!

 Graphic Cards Up 100%!! Price wise... Its insane!!

Graphic Cards Up 100%!! Price wise... Its insane!!

  • Graphic Cards Are either Sold Out or up in Prices 100%..

But why you ask? Cmon.. The gpus are Printing Money Machines, to be rather staright forward! All You really need is a decent Internet Connection (2mb) a Motherboard that holds 6 gpus and a m2 slot! (bonus) so thats 7 gpus. lets say you get 7 RX 560s 4gb? ( I Know, but hey not everyone is rich!) these gpus run at 10-11 mhs overclocked no bios mod. I Know, i own 4. got 4 on black friday for $110 a pop. now they run $200 on ebay and newegg... but still 70+mhs only wasting 25-33w each gpu? sounds like a bargain to me. You Can find the H110 6 gpu motherboard from Gigabyte, a 650w gpu, a Intel Celeron 3930, 4 sticks of ram and 6 gpu risers Molex Versions, and so settings that are pretty straight forward on the gigabyte website. With today's Ethereum Prices, you should see $2000 to $3000 with a year mining after electricty costs. No Investment today offers that. Of course two risks.. 1. Ethereum cant be mined anymore, and 2. Ethereum plummets. Other than that, print that free money.

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