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Should I Buy Graphic Cards Or Mining Rigs?

Should I Buy Graphic Cards Or Mining Rigs? Which Is The Better Investment?

By Reynaldo Gonzalez 12:31am 8/20/17
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#1 Seller In Ethereum Mining Hardware.

Well, What should I Buy? gpus or 1 Mining rig? *Personal Use

Lets get right to it,  First of all, this all depends on what your mining and what type of money you are spending on electricity. If Electricity doesn't matter, when i say that i mean you get your electricity for free or your on solar. If your Light bill is 0, Then by all means go ALL In On any ant-miner brand rig, or invest in one Mining rig that has at least enough hash rate to cover your investment in the long run. I Also like the fact of 6 gpus, the reason why is, You Can always resell them if shit hits the fan. (which I doubt) I Believe very much in Ethereum, as you can see I Opened my own website, and blog everyday. I dont write a lot, but i give my followers what they need, The Mining Tools they Need to Squeeze the most out of their investments I recommend. Bitcoin is just so high! I Would Mine the shit out of bitcoin. 1 is 4k. No matter what the difficulty is, if you have the hash power you will get coins. AMD and Nvidia must have be having $100 showers daily. Im a small site and i sell. Mining Rigs are very powerful, but cost a decent penny to run 24/7. Keep that in Mind. For last Ill show You a 6 gpu Mining Rig and Full Mining Rig.

6 GPU Mining Rig

 6 gpu ASUS Ethereum Mining Rig

6 gpu ASUS Ethereum Mining Rig


Final: Conclusion

There you have it, The Real difference between the two really is either budget or hash power. If Money is not a Problem Then Mining Rigs it is! If your on a budget, its not a bad idea at all to go with the 6 gpu mining rig, or even smaller.