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Ethereum Is Trending Again! You know what that means?

Ethereum Might just pass Bitcoin in the long run?

by Reynaldo Gonzalez 8/11/2017

$301.78 as I type in my new Blog, Ethereum is one unique crypto coin. Yes it is volatile as hell, but I Believe in the Long Run Ethereum will Pay Off, Also Ethereum-Mining will also Pay Off, All You need is a nice 6-8 GPU setup and you're good to go. A Lot Of People Talk about electricity prices, but to be honest, if you have the strongest gpus and not paying that much in electricity, Ill Go for it.  Remember when you are mining, its 24/7. 90% of most of the new graphic card companies are making these new gpus to withhold a lot of use and abuse when mining, even if its on 24/7. I Strongly believe Ethereum will reach Bitcoin sooner or later. Yes i said. $2,000+ If not I would've never opened this site and decide to Blog Full Time. 

What do You Need to start Investing or Mining Ethereum?

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