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Ethereum E3 Asic Miner

How Bitmain Will "try" to Ruin Ethereum Miners: 


The RX570, RX580, Vega 56, and Vega 64 are AMD cards, while the 1070TI, 1080, and 1080Ti are Nvidia cards. Note that AMD cards are thought to be more viable at settling the Ethash calculation, while Nvidia cards are better at explaining another generally utilized calculation, Equihash.

Based on these numbers, an E3 is roughly as powerful as six RX570s.

Analysis of Electricity Consumption and Cost

To start with, watts per MH/s. This number speaks to the quantity of watts it takes to create a solitary MH/s of mining power. The RX570 and 1080Ti both beat the E3 by a thin edge. That being stated, Bitmain has asserted that: 

"These are the moderate appraisals. We anticipate that the excavators will convey higher execution and proficiency when they are prepared to deliver." 

What is mind-boggling is the cost-adequacy of the E3. For each $4.4 dollars, the E3 has an extra MH/s. A uber hash is a term to portray how powerful a microchip is at illuminating the Ethash calculation and speaks to a million hashes for each second. 

Contrasted with different cards the E3 is about three times more financially savvy per MH/s in contrast with other equipment.